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I'm Lua. I live in Canmore, Alberta with my husband and son. I feel very grateful to be in this beautiful mountain town which is really something to hear from a girl who grew up in Brazil. 

I was 20 years old when I landed in Toronto in 2002. My intention was to learn English and return to Brazil for University but life had other plans for me. During my time in Toronto I met my wonderful husband who convinced me to move across the country to the little town of Canmore. Where?  Actually I do have to admit that it really didn't take much convincing...I mean we all love an adventure and I was in love after all. Soon ski lessons began and two years later our beautiful son Lucas was born. 

I became very interested in photography after the birth of my son and bought several cameras so for some time my family was my only subject. Of course children grow quickly so it was wonderful to be able to capture my son's tiny feet, angelic little face, and  other special moments. And as he grew so did I. I branched out into fine art children's photography interiors and families. After finishing a magazine project with Canmore's second largest developer in the summer of 2017 I decided to dedicate myself entirely to families and that's where you come in.

Photographing families is incredibly fun. It's fun for me but it should also be fun for you. My photo shoots have lots of kissing, hugging, and tickles. In addition I try to make it as relaxed as possible. That's how we get genuine smiles and laughter. Here's hoping I may meet you and your family one day soon.