A special event

On Friday, May 1st 2015 I had the opportunity to photograph a group of high school students from Canmore Collegiate High School who participated in an interesting Coming  of Age event - an evening with the etiquette coach and book author Sue Jacques at the Iron Goat Restaurant in Canmore, AB.
The participants enjoyed a fabulous meal while being coached on table manners, business etiquette and how to prepare for a job interview. The evening was without a doubt a memorable gift organized by the one of Canmore's most active residents - Cyd Fraser who was also present at the event.
The next morning the young adults reconvened at Cyd's cosy and hip cabin for a session on Confidence Coaching also led by Sue Jacques. It was a very interesting experience for me, to listen to these young adults sharing their thoughts and talking about their hopes and plans for the future... Some are off to Europe, others are going into University.  At one point  during the morning my focus shifted from Sue's voice to the sound of the firewood burning from the tall stone fireplace. I looked around and observed their faces, they sat still, their bright eyes attentively watching and they listened carefully to what was being said to them. I thought of myself when I was at that same age and about my hopes and dreams - deep in my heart I wished them well before they head out into the world. They are beautiful and still so young.
* A special thanks to Helena Artmann for inviting me to photograph these two days. 
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