I photographed this series with the Christmas Party Season in mind. This is the time when little girls get pretty dresses and boys get shiny new shoes. Unfortunately most of us have lost the habit of dressing our children well. Luxurious velvet dresses and cashmere sweaters are avoided in favour of sweat pants and t-shirts and for good reason as children are notorious for scuffing up shoes and  tearing holes in pants. But perhaps we should have one or two beautiful outfits for special occasions. And it does remind us that our children really are angels. In fact, children love dressing up just as much as we do.

I still remember my one special outfit from when I was a five year old growing up in Brazil. It was a plush green velvet sweater with a matching skirt. It had a lace collar and embroidery on it. I regret that I don't have a photograph.

Every time my mother pulled it out from the closet, I knew I would be going somewhere special. I wore it for dinner parties, birthday parties, church services, and graduations. 
 I wore it until it no longer fit. I still remember the day I had to let it go. It was passed along to a another child. I don't think I ever enjoyed an outfit as much again. It was the prettiest thing I ever owned.  And I have not worn velvet since...